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Do your work and leave the REST up to us.
Element Mattresses help your patients, your practice, and your pocket.
Partner with us to earn up to $1,500 per sale and transform your patients’ lives. 

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Join over 100 other chiropractic practices across the U.S. in offering the best mattress for your patients directly from your office.
The mattress that complements and enhances the work you do.

In the chiropractic world, a patient’s mattress 
can make or break the treatment you provide. 

One night on a bad mattress can undo the progress 
you’ve made in the office.

Don’t send your patients home without knowing your 
treatment will last.

Element Mattress supports your work physically and financially.

For Your Patients:
  •  100 Nights Risk Free: If your patients are not fully satisfied after 100 nights, we will pick up the mattress and refund 100% of their money, no questions asked.
  •  Free Nationwide Delivery: Every Element Mattress ships via FedEx in a box small enough for one person to handle and is delivered directly to your patient's front door.
  •  Handmade Luxury: This isn't a mass-produced product sitting in a warehouse like most mattresses; every order is handmade in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.
  •  10 Year Warranty: We stand behind every Element Mattress. If there is a defect within ten years of purchase, we will ship your patient a brand new mattress. 
For You:
  •  Revenue: Generate additional income with every sale you refer.
  •  Exclusivity: Element Mattress products are only sold through chiropractic offices like yours, not in retailers. 
  •  No Inventory: No need to keep stock in your office. We will handle all the fulfillment for you and your patient.
  •  Free Training and Office Materials: We provide you and/or your staff with all the information you need to effectively educate your patients about Element Mattresses and confidently recommend our product. 

We Support The TCA

A portion of every sale through a TCA member practice goes directly back to the TCA to support your efforts and your profession in the great state of Texas!

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What Doctors Are Saying....
What Patients Are Saying....

Dr. David Wagner - Austin

“I have been recommending it at every opportunity that comes up with patients!”

Dr. David Wagner Element Mattress Review

Dr. Prak Bhakta - Dallas

“I have had low back and mid back pain for years. From the very first night sleeping on the Element Copper mattress I have had ZERO back pain! I LOVE this mattress!”
Dr. Prak Bhakta element mattress review

Dr. Kevin Daude - Missouri City

My wife and I both love this mattress...... which has not been the case with any mattress prior to the Element Copper! Great support and comfort and does not get hot like other 'similar styles'. I recommend this mattress to all of my patients.

the Beck's - South Lake, TX

“Our copper mattress and topper have alleviated all pain and discomfort. We can feel it supporting us in all the right places, 
and are totally satisfied and thrilled with our purchase.”
Element Mattress Customer Review

Janice Fitzgerald - Illinois

The chiropractor i see regularly suggested the Element mattress with copper. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and this bed was designed to help with the pain. We absolutely LOVE it! 
Element Mattress Customer Review

Char Venne - Minnesota

My husband and I both give the mattress 5 stars well worth the money, sleep better .
Element Mattress Customer Review
How it Works
Step 1: 
Join the Element Chiropractic Referral Program
Step 2: 
Receive our free training
Step 3: 
Start recommending Element Mattresses 
to your patients
Step 4: 
Earn up to $1500 for every sale you refer
Step 5: 
Enjoy the benefits of happy patients plus additional revenue

8 years ago I asked my chiropractor "What Mattress Should I buy?"

My wife was pregnant with our daughter and neither one of us were sleeping well. We finally realized that our old mattress was beating us up while we slept, so we asked our chiropractor what he recommended. We were headed out to buy whatever he suggested; we were just that desperate! ...... he didn't have a specific recommendationbut now YOU do! The Element Copper and our chiropractic office program! 
-Bruce Brown, Co-Founder of Element Mattress
Bruce Brown, Co-Founder
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